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DVR057 Lady Gagging - The Remix

Now the way we see it - you can either cough up your hard-earned cash on the 'Official' remix album (although you secretly know it's going to be toss - especially when you see who's on remix duties) or you can go here and download a proper remix album for nothing.

Featuring all (or some at least) of your DigiVom favs - grab it now before we have to remove it!*

So what's it going to be?

*well maybe


May Cause Drowsiness

DVR 056

It's been a bit quiet on the DigiVom front but now we're back with this - the much delayed Ambient compilation.


Phase One

01 Meep - Sacrilege Was A Word I Once Heard
02 Harbour - Brackish Glow
03 n.sound - Lefthanded
04 Solypsis - The Slook
05 Alma Daaé - Dream II
06 Nosens - XXXIII Degree
07 MMI - Sonic Buddha Wallpaper
08 Mass Hypnotized - Red Pill
09 Thee Crumb - Travels In One Direction Only
10 FrAtEr HaTeR - Ophiuchus

Phase Two

11 Doug Sparling - The Disquieting Muses
12 Alien Hand - Gentle Intrusion
13 Junkshop Coyote - Touched By The Hand Of Dave Dexter (And I Feel Fine)
14 Subsonika - Sleep Now Bug Eyed Woman
15 Sister Savage - To Last
16 Drive - The Perfect Drone
17 his Namelessness Is Legion - Synaptic Sleepercell
18 Galileo's Cough Drop - Turning, Returning
19 Drew - Dreaming
20 ANE - Crinkling Of Bottom Edge (Field Collapsed)

Well, we call it Ambient - but possibly not as you've known it before…

Download Zip File(hosted by archive.org)
Archive.org page is Here

And there's also this as well...

Jansky Noise - Hacksome Rollrock (A Tribute to Jackson Pollock)

DVR 101

Jansky Noise sound ripping audio canvas; politely bows at the art of the late by Jackson Pollock. Shapes of sound blind and bind into a layered chaotic multi-directional recording. Made in a spontaneous stroke motion, with plenty of error, movement and action. The random technique of smearing audio giblets helps create the final piece and cement if for the listener to enjoy…

The recording is solid and coarse whilst at the same time haphazard and full of obstructions. But do not let that hold you back!

There is a rotating wild sense of freedom here where thick forms lick, stick and layer up alongside the thin. Hi speed pulses of sound and movement collide and form a pure splatter jam. Levels of sound and density rise and fall, abrupt sounds stab at right angles and fade into a flash!

If your angry just as much as happy, listen and cleanse. Play loud blasting action can help improve flow. Remember the voyage of creation is no less important that the journey you make when you listen

Original recording from Studio Loom UK.

Download it now

There are also some live shows coming up very soon - watch this space...


Thee Crumb - Miracle Reported At The Shrine

DVR 054

Thee Crumb's second full-length album for Digital Vomit is a trawl through the large number of tracks recorded in the last 18 months, many of which were very nearly lost in a computer crash recently. So instead of sitting on these any longer the decision has been made to get them out there…

Get it here.

Also available at Archive.org in WAV, Flac and Ogg formats.


Bernie Sizzey - Hippie Scat: The Complete Bernie Sizzey

DVR 052

Welcome to Bernie's World..

Since the 1980s, Colchester, England's Bernie Sizzey has been making some of the strangest pop music you'll ever hear. Everything from the darkest goth-rock to comedy hip-hop and everything in between has been covered in his inimitable style. At the turn of the millenium, he started releasing some of these tracks on CD-R, with no further means of distribution than giving them to friends and gig-goers. He is arguably Colchester's answer to Daniel Johnston - he is certainly the town's only true musical outsider - and his music deserves to be heard by more people. So Digital Vomit is proud to be able to announce this epic 18-disc MP3 release (originally released as a CD-R box-set in an edition of two), covering the vast majority of Bernie's work up until the summer of 2007, including work recorded as his fake band Solitaire.

Many of the discs are highly corrupted, so a great deal of effort is going in to remastering the discs back to their full glory. The discs will be encoded as top-quality variable bit-rate MP3s, with all variations in volume intact and full cover art (water-damage and leaf-stains included), available to download absolutely free with Bernie's full blessing.

You might not like the music. In fact, you'll probably hate it. But it should stand as testament to one of the few musicians left in the world making music not for the fame and the fortune, or even the most basic form of public recognition, but for the love of expressing himself artistically, in the pursuit of making something genuine and heartfelt, in an industry full of postmodern irony and ultra-polished, meaningless shit like Lily Allen.

Bernie Sizzey - belief in the leaf since 1981…

These 18 volumes will be released at weekly intervals starting with the first volume (the best-of, Hippy Scat) which can be picked up here, and check back here every week until March 14th 2010 for further volumes.

8-Track Remind (DVR064 8-track)

In 2010, Dead Air Recordings and Digital Vomit are hoping to release an 8-track tape, featuring exclusive tracks from renowned musicians and songwriters from within and outside of the current DigiVom artist roster. The full tracklist will remain hidden until compiling has been completed.

Due to the high costs of production, each tape is retailing for £20. This would not only buy you a copy of the tape, but also a digital download copy of the album (available in both MP3 and lossless FLAC), postage and packaging worldwide, as well as some additional extras still to be announced. Due to the incredibly narrow profit margin, the only possible way to make this happen is to completely fill the pre-orders. Please note, without a sufficient number of pre-orders, this release cannot happen.

These are now available for pre-order - for more info and a Paypal link go here


New Releases from Alien Hand, Pindown & Uncivilized

Alien Hand - Better Late Than Never

DVR 049

"Wherein Alien Hand crudely sellotapes a load of old jigs and reels together, staples them
to some skittery amen breaks, sticks some hoovers on with blu tac and scribbles all over
it with a magic marker. His mother must be so proud."

Mucho self-depreciation from the Hand sells this short - if you liked his contribution to CBML IV "The one and only time you touch the boys of Malin" (included here) then you'll love this...

Get it here

Pindown - Democracy In Action

DVR 041

This is a rerelease of the 2004 mini-album from Ipswich industrial-mashup duo Pindown. It was supposed to be remastered too, but then Jason realised that the new mixes sounded identical to the original ones.

Released with kind permission from Pindown and Antigen Records

Read more and grab the album here (MP3 or FLAC)

Uncivilized - Tea Remixes

DVR 050

Uncivilized serves Tea - a track originally relased last year on the Mr. Noisy compilation, now with four added remixes from Thee Crumb, Tomoroh Hidari, Cock E.S.P. and Scat Fancy.

Get it here

In other news, there are a couple of new projects on the go right now. First off, Mixomatosis is gearing up for another compilation - DVR 062 - the difference with this one is that it's going to be released on 8-track only (ask your dad) - he's not looking for tracks, just your money to secure a copy of this piece of history. It's explained better by the man himself on the forum (here)

In addition to all this excitement, there's also the chance to remix Fast Lady and Scorpio Scorpio's "Love Dictator" for the upcoming release, DVR 666 - Love Dictator: Remixes.

More info and vocal files here...


Realicide - Mission of Anarcho Gabber Punk 2009

DVR 048

Having provided the scene-setting opening track on Aaaaargh!, Realicide return to Digital Vomit with this exclusive live set recorded in June 09 in Chicago (as part of the March-August 2009 tour in support of their "Resisting The Viral Self" LP/CD released via Realicide Youth Records). If you don't already know what Realicide sound like, imagine a US version of Atari Teenage Riot - and just like ATR, this is raw gabba combined with proper punk attitudes, which means they're not just noise-for-noise-sake (much as we also love that kind of stuff in DV), but also provide their own searing social commentary through their lyrics, zines and essays. So if you like your extreme electronic music to be thought provoking as well as straight up in-your-face, go download this now. Capturing Realicide in their element, Mission of Anarcho Gabber Punk 2009 does what it says in the title, bringing together a incendiary live set with edited interview highlights expanding on Realicide's social aims and agenda.

For more on Realicide (including lyrics, essays and tour dates):

Get it here



Following a flurry of awesome artist albums, Digital Vomit is back with a compilation featuring DV artists old and new. Aaaaargh! (note 5 A's in the title) is all about the beats per minute, with every track being 220 bpm or above. Obviously this means there's some seriously hardcore gabbacore-noisecore-mashcore-breakcore in there, but due to DV artists' belligerent ability to take any brief and bend the rules to breaking point, there's also a generous handful of tracks more focused on intelligent structure and melody rather than just extremism, and even a dash of calming ambient, serving as a breather between the speaker-rattling nosebleeding pain-joy.


01. Realicide - I Will Punch You In The Face!
02. Mental D-struction - They Don't Want Your Well Being
03. meep - D.L.S. 2009
04. Thee Crumb - Mouthwash Of The Gods
05. Beytah - Boxxy Arpeggio
06. Junkshop Coyote - Argh, A Commercial!
07. Big In Albania - Kajagoogoo Recruitment Drive
08. Fishwod - ooh what a life
09. fRaTeR hAtEr - Vortextual Intercourse
10. Shanks Pony - Than Before All Else
11. Mockstar - Jimmy's Shotgun Rave
12. Alien Hand - Gordon's Games
13. Raw Gash - Henry My Son (Bray Bac Bar Mix)
14. Pulver - 299 792 458 Metres Per Second
15. rev777 - right PUJ obstructional maneuvers in the dark
16. ANE - Intermittently Dead From Cold
17. Maxipad - Hold Your Breath
18. n.sound - Scratch Acid
19. Jansky Noise - I had nothing to do with it them us or you
20. Solypsis - Arpeggiorgy
21. Allen, I Hate Myself - Pop Idol
22. Asshole In A Wheelchair - Spontaneous Premature Ejaculation

Another winner! Grab it here


Another week, Another update...

Yes, there's no stopping Digital Vomit right now. Here are two more for your listening pleasure.

DVR 046 - Jimmy Buffer - Songs That Suck

Jimmy Buffer is a pseudonym for a performer who once was a big-shit, up-and-coming rock-star-to-be and who decided to throw it all away in favor of making pretentious, semi-retarded electronic idiocy. His debut on Digital Vomit, Songs That Suck (complete with moronic vacuum cleaner interludes to hammer home the "suck" theme with all the subtlety of a Jenna Jameson film… also, note the use of the Electrolux vaccuum logo as the cover art) is a collection of odd outtakes and discarded experiments that "The Artist" deemed unacceptable for a traditional release.

Get it here.

DVR 042 - Tomoroh Hidari - And Music Became Its Own Grandma...

...with that in mind, what else is there to forget? A collection of improvised live-tracks.

Get it here.

Subsonika has also re-released his first album (DVR 029), originally issued last March, now with 7 extra tracks, improved mastering and all files 320 kbps, so pick that up - even if you grabbed it the first time - here.


Libythth - Unpopular Beats Vol. 1

Digital Vomit's recent winning streak continues with this offering from Libythth.

'Libythth is proud to present this FREE collection of custom tracks that got the attention of several individuals during the '00s. Check discogs, most of this stuff is available elsewhere. I don't feel like describing what the music sounds like here. There's a lot of honking, quacking and abusing effects to make sounds sound like other sounds. It will probably make you laugh at least once and slap yourself in the face at least once.'

DVR 045 Free download here

DVR 038 Subsonika - Super Fun Warning!!

The ever-modest Subsonika descibes this as 'Some silly songs' and 'a collection of tracks made over the past few months, all very self-indulgent and quite lazy.'

Judge for yourself here

In addition, it's only right to mention the latest release by DigiVom stalwart Junkshop Coyote:

Anorak Bubblebutt (Selected I-Am-Bent Works, Vol. 2)

Hallo-Excentrico! HEMP052

Junkshop Coyote's second compilation of odds and ends created between 1991 and 2009, focusing mainly on the V/Vm-inspired plunderphonics that became his calling card in the Digital Vomit collective.

Pick it up here


Eustachian - Amarok

DVR 044

Nightmarish psychobilly, electronic grindcore and psychedelic metal copulate violently on this album. Veterans of Death$ucker, Cock Rock Disco, Ad Noiseum, etc, EUSTACHIAN find their way onto Digital Vomit for a release of tinnitus-inducing, soul-destroying, cranium-obliterating odds and ends that will murder your family and cripple innocent bystanders.

Or at least that's what we're claiming...

Another free download - pick it up here

Plus... DVR 043

n.sound - 13_EP

A mash up of dictaphone recordings, blues riffs, beats, bass, nintendo and noise. Get it here.


Jansky Noise - Something Good Is Going To Happen


1) Early man recomposed after beginning
2) Something good is going to happen (I know)
3) Intensifying transitional hypothesis
4) Sinking in your soft land
5) Aurelia pass by and absorb our movement
6) Can we look to the East?
7) Red rabbit forest nibbling concrete city
8) Mid Summer Chime
9) Why Namu here?
10) Uncle Remus has the Animal story

All tracks recomposed by Jansky Noise/Andy MacGregor
Compiled in Madrid for June 20th-21st 2009

Grab the download here (ZIP File)- Free download.
You'll be glad you did as it's one of the finest things that DigiVom has ever released.

(Note: The rabbits on the cover are actually red - not sure why Blogger has decided to make them blue!)


Wait... I think it's still breathing...

Yes, the blog is still alive - it was merely resting.

Ther's been plenty happening on the Digital Vomit front, even if we haven't been posting about it here. There's been some new releases and one that's imminent that we're really looking forward to.

New releases

James Miller - Sandpaper Tongue (DVR037 MP3)
…one sick extended track of crunchy distorted aggrotech ebm schranz techno rhythms clocking in at just under 19 minutes.

Various - Everybody Loops (DVR019 MP3)
The follow-up to Keith Hic's 2008 children's compilation is finally here… (suitable for ages 3-5)

Uncivilized & Beytah - Warpflute (DVR034 MP3)
Hardcore, circuit bent rhythmic noise, an assault on the ears with an 8-bit twist

New comer to DV frater hater with his first release-a 20 minute, 15 track, 8-bit death metal chaos ritual that'll leave you feeling weird...

There's also a new EP by Thee Crumb that was mentioned in the post below, so have a look there if you're interested in that.

Everything above is available as a free download.

Coming soon...

Tomorrow, in fact, if all goes to plan is Something Good Is Going To Happen, the first full-length solo Jansky Noise album in 8 years. More info and a link when it goes up, the one track that's been made public so far suggests this is going to be well worth getting hold of.

Forthcoming Projects

Currently DigiVom are taking contributions for these three projects. Click on the links, have a read and leave us a message if you feel like getting involved.

> The faster the better

> Colo(u)rs

> Ambient comp

In addition to all that, hopefully there will soon be some news about the physical release of Ruairi McDermott/ROBOstud's 'Soothing Sounds For 22nd Century Factory Workers'

Click here for the full details and to donate.

Look here for regular updates or try the homepage and forum if you need instant gratification.


Thee Crumb - Fire-Eaters & Leeches EP

DVR 035 - new release available for free download.
The second of Thee Crumb's online EPs for Digital Vomit is here.
(Hosted by Archive.Org)


Also in Flac, Ogg and WAV formats.


My Boy Is Dead - Demos 2000-2005

DVR025 - new release from Digital Vomit

My Boy Is Dead was a project of which Solypsis was, and is, one half. They recently ended their 3-year hiatus, but while we wait for fresh material, here is a selection of tracks from their first run. Dirty beats, filthy synths and defiantly unhip movie samples. What's not to like?




Also available in OGG


Solypsis: Dénouement 1998-2008

Out now on V/Vm's Vukzid netlabel.

"If we follow the title as our guideline then this release is the definitive ending of Chicago based James Miller's output as Solypsis. Gathering together the best and worst of his work across two zip files and also including a bonus collection of selected remixes from various compilation and physical releases. You may also wish to download "one week without the internet" and though this looks like the end for the Solypsis project i am sure and hope James will continue to record more audio under various new guises." - Vukzid

Download page


Thee Crumb CD Released

Now available on CD is Thee Crumb's new album - limited to 100 numbered copies. 16 tracks and nearly an hour of music. Pick up a copy for only £6.00 including postage worldwide.
Sound clips for all tracks are available here.

Paypal also accepted


Solypsis' back catalog on Hallo Excentrico! available again

Eight albums, four of them doubles, and one of them previously unreleased, are up once again for your downloading pleasure/pain at Hallo Excentrico! 2.0.

If any one artist other than myself defines HE! musically, it is my good online friend Solypsis. It was his encouragement that brought me to this community and inspired me to support it in this way. I must also acknowledge V/Vm's sage advice when I was struggling with HE! 1.0's web space provider problems. I am overjoyed that Digital Vomit has taken on a life of its own, and hopeful that I had some small part in that.

Reissues of HE!'s back catalog will continue in order of original artist appearance on the label.


Forum move, blog authors, voices project

Forum move
Just in case anyone isn't aware of this yet, the old DigiVom forum at Aimoo has gone broken, so please update your bookmarks to the new wiki forum: http://digitalvomit.wikidot.com/forum:start

Blog authors
If you're reading this as a Digital Vomit member and you're not yet an author on this blog, just email iivix : hirekatsu [a] gmail dotted com, and he can invite you so you can join - there's nothing to lose, and hopefully this blog can become the main DigiVom news source.

Voices project

There's a new collaborative Digital Vomit project running... Find out about it here.


Debut "Placate" release

The first collaborative album from Datarapist and Solypsis is now available from Eardose Recordings. Created under the name "Placate", this new collection is entitled "Derelict" and can be obtained for free download at the link below.



My First Gig!

I thought this might be the appropriate place to tell anyone who is interested about my first gig. If you're from Ireland, and in the Dublin area please come along.
here's the flyer anyway. costs 10 euros in. its in 'The Hub', Temple Bar, Dublin. and i probably wont be playing a gig again for quite a while after this.

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OK, so this is placeholder for now, let's see where we go from here.