Bernie Sizzey - Hippie Scat: The Complete Bernie Sizzey

DVR 052

Welcome to Bernie's World..

Since the 1980s, Colchester, England's Bernie Sizzey has been making some of the strangest pop music you'll ever hear. Everything from the darkest goth-rock to comedy hip-hop and everything in between has been covered in his inimitable style. At the turn of the millenium, he started releasing some of these tracks on CD-R, with no further means of distribution than giving them to friends and gig-goers. He is arguably Colchester's answer to Daniel Johnston - he is certainly the town's only true musical outsider - and his music deserves to be heard by more people. So Digital Vomit is proud to be able to announce this epic 18-disc MP3 release (originally released as a CD-R box-set in an edition of two), covering the vast majority of Bernie's work up until the summer of 2007, including work recorded as his fake band Solitaire.

Many of the discs are highly corrupted, so a great deal of effort is going in to remastering the discs back to their full glory. The discs will be encoded as top-quality variable bit-rate MP3s, with all variations in volume intact and full cover art (water-damage and leaf-stains included), available to download absolutely free with Bernie's full blessing.

You might not like the music. In fact, you'll probably hate it. But it should stand as testament to one of the few musicians left in the world making music not for the fame and the fortune, or even the most basic form of public recognition, but for the love of expressing himself artistically, in the pursuit of making something genuine and heartfelt, in an industry full of postmodern irony and ultra-polished, meaningless shit like Lily Allen.

Bernie Sizzey - belief in the leaf since 1981…

These 18 volumes will be released at weekly intervals starting with the first volume (the best-of, Hippy Scat) which can be picked up here, and check back here every week until March 14th 2010 for further volumes.

8-Track Remind (DVR064 8-track)

In 2010, Dead Air Recordings and Digital Vomit are hoping to release an 8-track tape, featuring exclusive tracks from renowned musicians and songwriters from within and outside of the current DigiVom artist roster. The full tracklist will remain hidden until compiling has been completed.

Due to the high costs of production, each tape is retailing for £20. This would not only buy you a copy of the tape, but also a digital download copy of the album (available in both MP3 and lossless FLAC), postage and packaging worldwide, as well as some additional extras still to be announced. Due to the incredibly narrow profit margin, the only possible way to make this happen is to completely fill the pre-orders. Please note, without a sufficient number of pre-orders, this release cannot happen.

These are now available for pre-order - for more info and a Paypal link go here