May Cause Drowsiness

DVR 056

It's been a bit quiet on the DigiVom front but now we're back with this - the much delayed Ambient compilation.


Phase One

01 Meep - Sacrilege Was A Word I Once Heard
02 Harbour - Brackish Glow
03 n.sound - Lefthanded
04 Solypsis - The Slook
05 Alma DaaƩ - Dream II
06 Nosens - XXXIII Degree
07 MMI - Sonic Buddha Wallpaper
08 Mass Hypnotized - Red Pill
09 Thee Crumb - Travels In One Direction Only
10 FrAtEr HaTeR - Ophiuchus

Phase Two

11 Doug Sparling - The Disquieting Muses
12 Alien Hand - Gentle Intrusion
13 Junkshop Coyote - Touched By The Hand Of Dave Dexter (And I Feel Fine)
14 Subsonika - Sleep Now Bug Eyed Woman
15 Sister Savage - To Last
16 Drive - The Perfect Drone
17 his Namelessness Is Legion - Synaptic Sleepercell
18 Galileo's Cough Drop - Turning, Returning
19 Drew - Dreaming
20 ANE - Crinkling Of Bottom Edge (Field Collapsed)

Well, we call it Ambient - but possibly not as you've known it before…

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And there's also this as well...

Jansky Noise - Hacksome Rollrock (A Tribute to Jackson Pollock)

DVR 101

Jansky Noise sound ripping audio canvas; politely bows at the art of the late by Jackson Pollock. Shapes of sound blind and bind into a layered chaotic multi-directional recording. Made in a spontaneous stroke motion, with plenty of error, movement and action. The random technique of smearing audio giblets helps create the final piece and cement if for the listener to enjoy…

The recording is solid and coarse whilst at the same time haphazard and full of obstructions. But do not let that hold you back!

There is a rotating wild sense of freedom here where thick forms lick, stick and layer up alongside the thin. Hi speed pulses of sound and movement collide and form a pure splatter jam. Levels of sound and density rise and fall, abrupt sounds stab at right angles and fade into a flash!

If your angry just as much as happy, listen and cleanse. Play loud blasting action can help improve flow. Remember the voyage of creation is no less important that the journey you make when you listen

Original recording from Studio Loom UK.

Download it now

There are also some live shows coming up very soon - watch this space...