Following a flurry of awesome artist albums, Digital Vomit is back with a compilation featuring DV artists old and new. Aaaaargh! (note 5 A's in the title) is all about the beats per minute, with every track being 220 bpm or above. Obviously this means there's some seriously hardcore gabbacore-noisecore-mashcore-breakcore in there, but due to DV artists' belligerent ability to take any brief and bend the rules to breaking point, there's also a generous handful of tracks more focused on intelligent structure and melody rather than just extremism, and even a dash of calming ambient, serving as a breather between the speaker-rattling nosebleeding pain-joy.


01. Realicide - I Will Punch You In The Face!
02. Mental D-struction - They Don't Want Your Well Being
03. meep - D.L.S. 2009
04. Thee Crumb - Mouthwash Of The Gods
05. Beytah - Boxxy Arpeggio
06. Junkshop Coyote - Argh, A Commercial!
07. Big In Albania - Kajagoogoo Recruitment Drive
08. Fishwod - ooh what a life
09. fRaTeR hAtEr - Vortextual Intercourse
10. Shanks Pony - Than Before All Else
11. Mockstar - Jimmy's Shotgun Rave
12. Alien Hand - Gordon's Games
13. Raw Gash - Henry My Son (Bray Bac Bar Mix)
14. Pulver - 299 792 458 Metres Per Second
15. rev777 - right PUJ obstructional maneuvers in the dark
16. ANE - Intermittently Dead From Cold
17. Maxipad - Hold Your Breath
18. n.sound - Scratch Acid
19. Jansky Noise - I had nothing to do with it them us or you
20. Solypsis - Arpeggiorgy
21. Allen, I Hate Myself - Pop Idol
22. Asshole In A Wheelchair - Spontaneous Premature Ejaculation

Another winner! Grab it here


Another week, Another update...

Yes, there's no stopping Digital Vomit right now. Here are two more for your listening pleasure.

DVR 046 - Jimmy Buffer - Songs That Suck

Jimmy Buffer is a pseudonym for a performer who once was a big-shit, up-and-coming rock-star-to-be and who decided to throw it all away in favor of making pretentious, semi-retarded electronic idiocy. His debut on Digital Vomit, Songs That Suck (complete with moronic vacuum cleaner interludes to hammer home the "suck" theme with all the subtlety of a Jenna Jameson film… also, note the use of the Electrolux vaccuum logo as the cover art) is a collection of odd outtakes and discarded experiments that "The Artist" deemed unacceptable for a traditional release.

Get it here.

DVR 042 - Tomoroh Hidari - And Music Became Its Own Grandma...

...with that in mind, what else is there to forget? A collection of improvised live-tracks.

Get it here.

Subsonika has also re-released his first album (DVR 029), originally issued last March, now with 7 extra tracks, improved mastering and all files 320 kbps, so pick that up - even if you grabbed it the first time - here.


Libythth - Unpopular Beats Vol. 1

Digital Vomit's recent winning streak continues with this offering from Libythth.

'Libythth is proud to present this FREE collection of custom tracks that got the attention of several individuals during the '00s. Check discogs, most of this stuff is available elsewhere. I don't feel like describing what the music sounds like here. There's a lot of honking, quacking and abusing effects to make sounds sound like other sounds. It will probably make you laugh at least once and slap yourself in the face at least once.'

DVR 045 Free download here

DVR 038 Subsonika - Super Fun Warning!!

The ever-modest Subsonika descibes this as 'Some silly songs' and 'a collection of tracks made over the past few months, all very self-indulgent and quite lazy.'

Judge for yourself here

In addition, it's only right to mention the latest release by DigiVom stalwart Junkshop Coyote:

Anorak Bubblebutt (Selected I-Am-Bent Works, Vol. 2)

Hallo-Excentrico! HEMP052

Junkshop Coyote's second compilation of odds and ends created between 1991 and 2009, focusing mainly on the V/Vm-inspired plunderphonics that became his calling card in the Digital Vomit collective.

Pick it up here