Another week, Another update...

Yes, there's no stopping Digital Vomit right now. Here are two more for your listening pleasure.

DVR 046 - Jimmy Buffer - Songs That Suck

Jimmy Buffer is a pseudonym for a performer who once was a big-shit, up-and-coming rock-star-to-be and who decided to throw it all away in favor of making pretentious, semi-retarded electronic idiocy. His debut on Digital Vomit, Songs That Suck (complete with moronic vacuum cleaner interludes to hammer home the "suck" theme with all the subtlety of a Jenna Jameson film… also, note the use of the Electrolux vaccuum logo as the cover art) is a collection of odd outtakes and discarded experiments that "The Artist" deemed unacceptable for a traditional release.

Get it here.

DVR 042 - Tomoroh Hidari - And Music Became Its Own Grandma...

...with that in mind, what else is there to forget? A collection of improvised live-tracks.

Get it here.

Subsonika has also re-released his first album (DVR 029), originally issued last March, now with 7 extra tracks, improved mastering and all files 320 kbps, so pick that up - even if you grabbed it the first time - here.

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