Libythth - Unpopular Beats Vol. 1

Digital Vomit's recent winning streak continues with this offering from Libythth.

'Libythth is proud to present this FREE collection of custom tracks that got the attention of several individuals during the '00s. Check discogs, most of this stuff is available elsewhere. I don't feel like describing what the music sounds like here. There's a lot of honking, quacking and abusing effects to make sounds sound like other sounds. It will probably make you laugh at least once and slap yourself in the face at least once.'

DVR 045 Free download here

DVR 038 Subsonika - Super Fun Warning!!

The ever-modest Subsonika descibes this as 'Some silly songs' and 'a collection of tracks made over the past few months, all very self-indulgent and quite lazy.'

Judge for yourself here

In addition, it's only right to mention the latest release by DigiVom stalwart Junkshop Coyote:

Anorak Bubblebutt (Selected I-Am-Bent Works, Vol. 2)

Hallo-Excentrico! HEMP052

Junkshop Coyote's second compilation of odds and ends created between 1991 and 2009, focusing mainly on the V/Vm-inspired plunderphonics that became his calling card in the Digital Vomit collective.

Pick it up here

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