New Releases from Alien Hand, Pindown & Uncivilized

Alien Hand - Better Late Than Never

DVR 049

"Wherein Alien Hand crudely sellotapes a load of old jigs and reels together, staples them
to some skittery amen breaks, sticks some hoovers on with blu tac and scribbles all over
it with a magic marker. His mother must be so proud."

Mucho self-depreciation from the Hand sells this short - if you liked his contribution to CBML IV "The one and only time you touch the boys of Malin" (included here) then you'll love this...

Get it here

Pindown - Democracy In Action

DVR 041

This is a rerelease of the 2004 mini-album from Ipswich industrial-mashup duo Pindown. It was supposed to be remastered too, but then Jason realised that the new mixes sounded identical to the original ones.

Released with kind permission from Pindown and Antigen Records

Read more and grab the album here (MP3 or FLAC)

Uncivilized - Tea Remixes

DVR 050

Uncivilized serves Tea - a track originally relased last year on the Mr. Noisy compilation, now with four added remixes from Thee Crumb, Tomoroh Hidari, Cock E.S.P. and Scat Fancy.

Get it here

In other news, there are a couple of new projects on the go right now. First off, Mixomatosis is gearing up for another compilation - DVR 062 - the difference with this one is that it's going to be released on 8-track only (ask your dad) - he's not looking for tracks, just your money to secure a copy of this piece of history. It's explained better by the man himself on the forum (here)

In addition to all this excitement, there's also the chance to remix Fast Lady and Scorpio Scorpio's "Love Dictator" for the upcoming release, DVR 666 - Love Dictator: Remixes.

More info and vocal files here...

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